At Sprucemoose Digital we like to make websites. The name is borrowed from The Simpsons episode where $pringfield legalizes gambling.

Every website we make is handcoded, fully responsive, and custom created from scratch. We use an open-source content management system that allows us to work the way we want to, with no compromise in design or quality.

Take a look around, if you like what you see - let us know about it!

This is the bit where we talk about all the services we offer.

Our main skillset is creating fresh, modern websites. We take some pride in handcoding these sites, we have to admit to a bit of an aversion to the sitebuilders and blogging platforms which create so many of today's websites. That's not to say we can't deal with other platforms if required - we just prefer our way of doing things.

We use Couch CMS as the backend of our sites, this lets us get on with building your site without worrying about fitting it into a CMS platform. Couch can be retrofitted into any site, and is very flexible, allowing us to create your site exactly as it was designed, and you to administer it easily once it goes live.

We're not restricted to brochure based sites, just tell us your idea/requirements and we'll come up with a solution. We've developed complex booking systems, call logging systems, corporate design toolkits, ecommerce solutions, social education applications.

It's not all about coding and designing - every site we build will have a robust on-page SEO foundation. We wouldn't claim to be SEO experts (although we know some if required), but we've had good results using our methods.

Recent work


This site is a few years old now, but it is probably the site that we are most proud of, and certainly that has had the most work done on it! The concept is basically an e-learning site - the initial focus was on getting children to take more of…

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Tony McKibbin

Tony's original site was a very basic Wordpress website, which looked 10 years old or more. Sprucemoose were charged with bringing the look and feel of the site into 2018, and making the user interface for filtering and searching the many articles better. We are very happy with the way…

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