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We've made many different kinds of sites in our 10 years in business.  Simple single page information sites, beautiful brochure sites, complex hotel booking sites, social education applications, corporate design toolkits.  It's the most recent work that matters though, a strong recent portfolio is needed to convince prospective clients that Sprucemoose are the right company to create their stunning new website. 


With that in mind, you can see a selection of our most recent work below the fold.


Brodie Engineering

Brodie Engineering are one of the leading Train Engineering Businesses in the UK. They needed a fresh approach to their website, which was a few years old and hadn't been updated recently. We restructured the main focus of the sites, adding Case Studies to Services as entry points, both as…

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1 Property Solutions

This site was completed on behalf of GAAP Digital. This site was built as a standalone Letting Agent website. Traditionally sites like these will integrate with a property feed, such as Rightmove or S1 homes. The plan is to integrate this in the future, but as a short term measure…

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Hillhouse Helps

This site was completed on behalf of GAAP Digital. We updated this site recently - it needed a lick of paint on the front end (as sites only a couple of years old often do), and we updated the CMS to the latest version of Couch. We also added our…

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Rosemount Taverns

This site was completed on behalf of GAAP Digital. This was an upgrade of an old site that we had previously worked on a few years ago. The focus of Rosemount Taverns had shifted - previously it was the pubs that were the focus, but now the main purpose of…

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Iain Matheson

Iain is a composer based in Edinburgh. One of the first sites we ever built was his original site, back in 2007. 10 years ago! We've moved on a bit since then. Iain wanted a minimal site, no real flourishes. The main challenge we set ourselves was creating the events…

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Glenlith Interiors

This site was completed on behalf of GAAP Digital. Glenlith Interiors are a High End Kitchen Fitter based in the south side of Glasgow. Our job was to build a site that reflected the high quality craftsmanship that Glenlith offer in their own work. The focus was on a great…

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This site was completed on behalf of GAAP Digital. Hodgkinson are a local jewellers based in the south side of Glasgow, and their business has really benefitted from having a newly structured site which allowed them to upload their entire catalogue of jewellery. This was one of the first sites…

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Classic Album Covers

This started a few years ago as a self-teaching experiment, to learn a few things about user interaction with sites. We liked it a lot though, and the latest version is more of a labour of love now. We still use it to teach ourselves things though - we were…

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Noah's Ark Caravan Park

This site was completed on behalf of GAAP Digital. Again, this was a rebuild of a site we had created a few years ago. The look of the site needed updated, and the new site would take advantage of our on-page SEO checklist. We are very happy with the look…

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Baskerville Books

This is possibly the most ambitious site we have created. The site owner estimates that once he has finished uploading his stock, there will be upwards of 10,000 books on the site. Obviously this had ramifications for the way we developed the site, and for our server once it was…

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This site is a few years old now, but it is probably the site that we are most proud of, and certainly that has had the most work done on it! The concept is basically an e-learning site - the initial focus was on getting children to take more of…

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