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Iain is a composer based in Edinburgh. One of the first sites I ever built was his original site, back in 2007.  12 years ago!  I've moved on a bit since then.

Iain wanted a minimal site, no real flourishes. The main challenge I set muself was creating the events calendar using Couch CMS. In the previous static site, I would have to directly change the HTML to add events, move events to the archive, add new events to the homepage. Using Couch allowed me to make all these processes automatic - if a new future event is added, it will appear on the homepage (in the upcoming events section) until the date of the event has passed, at which point it will automatically be moved to the archive.  This is just one of the functions that can be achieved using Couch CMS, which really makes life as a web designer/developer a lot more fun.

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Iain Matheson
Iain Matheson

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