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Lomax Press are a client we have done work for before, namely the Baskerville Books site.

Lomax Press are a small independent publisher based in Stirling, who wanted to upgrade their main site - which is primarily geared towards selling their own limited selection of books.  This was the perfect opportunity for us to put the plans we had been working on into practise.  We had been playing around with the new checkout flow system that PayPal have recently introduced, but had not had the chance to use it in a live site. It works beautifully, and the system we have developed for it means that we can now produce a fully fledged ecommerce site with Couch. There was a limited "couchcart "version before, but the new system will allow ecommerce to be fully integrated with customer accounts and stock control. 

The look of the site is quite restrained, but we think it works very well, and look forward to seeing those books flying of the shelves!

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Lomax Press

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