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This site was completed on behalf of GAAP Digital.

This was an upgrade of an old site that I had previously worked on a few years ago. The focus of Rosemount Taverns had shifted - previously it was the pubs that were the focus, but now the main purpose of the site was to generate leads for the leasing of empty pubs.

The brand, and then the site were completely redeveloped. The main interest, and focus of the site was the two pub pages, leasing a pub and just searching all the pubs.  It took me quite a while to cement the UX and exact look of the forms required to filter these pubs, but I think we got it right. 

This site relies solely on my on-page SEO foundation, and the number of pub leasing enquiries has increased markedly since the site went live.

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Rosemount Taverns
Rosemount Taverns

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