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Tony's original site was a very basic Wordpress website, which looked 10 years old or more. Sprucemoose was charged with bringing the look and feel of the site into 2018, and making the user interface for filtering and searching the many articles better.

I'm particularly happy with the way the site looks - the minimal feel, lots of white space. I made the decision to colour code the categories of articles, and this adds a welcome splash of colour. A fair bit of time was spent picking the fonts that would complement the site, and the content.  List.js was used for the filter pages - there are nearly 700 articles in there, so a quick and user-friendly solution was required.

I'm proud of this site - the lack of images made the design a different challenge from what I usually face - but I think a good job was done.  Just don't ask about the copy and paste process I had to resort to in getting the articles onto the new site...

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